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Your options in regards to siding are certainly not lacking.  Take the time to wisely discern what the best is for your home.  Each contractor will certainly have their opinions as well as their motives for such (financial, experience...).  Make a decision based on knowledge, confidence, and assurance that this is the best product for your home.

VINYL SIDING - This is certianly the most popular in terms of percentages.  Understand that there are variances that run the gammet with vinyl siding.  Thickness, warranty (fading, is labor included?), color selection, wood grain, size (3, 4, 4.5, 5, 6"...), are just a few of the many aspects to consider.

SOLID-CORE VINYL SIDING - Solid-core siding raises the standard for vinyl siding.  It is a step (or two) up from "hollow-back" vinyl which can leave a hollow void behind the panel among other things.  Solid-core vinyl strengthens the entire run on the wall, insulates (up to an R-value of 4.0 or more), tightens seams, and even quiets the home.  A recent customer of ours realized a 21% savings in his heating bill over the last winter.

STEEL SIDING - Always enduring, solid... steel siding offers qualities that homeowners have wanted for years not the least of which is solid performance.  Although there are  negatives, steel has lasted the test of time (unlike aluminum) and remains a solid choice for protecting your home against the ravages of Minneosta weather.

ALUMINUM SIDING - Among the weaker candidates, aluminum siding owns the reputation as the least impervious to extreme weather.  Some companies have ceased production altogether based on its impracticality.  Having said that, it can offer a sharp appearance.  Keep in mind that aluminum prices have gone through the ceiling rivaling steel in terms of pricing.

HARDBOARD SIDING - A strong and challenging competitor to James Hardie siding to be sure.  It is an "engineered wood" and certainly outperforms other fiber cement and hardboard siding in terms of strength.  Not only is it durable, but they infuse zinc borate in the substrate of the panel to challenge any moist weather or water that may come its way.  Extreme heat, cold, humidity and rainfall are no match for LP SmartSide siding.  Remember, this is a product that will require maintenance (paint).

FIBER CEMENT SIDING - Everyone has probably heard of James Hardie siding.  Mix 93% cement with 6% wood, and 1% adhesives and there you have it; a product made to withstand the elements, provide years of durability and beauty, and like or not a product that needs painting.  Yes, this is where the dreaded word "maintenance" enters the picture.  You must paint this product unless of course you opt for the pre-painted which cannot guarantee perfect touch-ups as the prepainted James Hardie uses a heat applied painting process which is difficult to reproduce in a touch-up kit.  When installed properly, James Hardie cement siding looks fantastic.

CEDAR SIDING - Whether it is cedar lap siding or cedar shakes, cedar has been the standard for beauty in terms of the look people are seeking.  Be aware of the many grades of cedar that are available and know that this can significantly affect pricing.

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